SGP exists to bring the gospel to all in Surrey and North East Hampshire through local gospel churches committed to healthy gospel growth in active gospel partnership.

  • STRENGTHENING existing local churches as we renew our gospel vision and Biblical foundations

  • ARRANGING regular opportunities for Church leaders to meet for mutual support, encouragement, prayer, and ongoing ministry training

  • PROVIDING opportunities for churches to encourage each other through prayer and fellowship

  • SUPPORTING like minded partnerships in the UK

  • PROMOTING training opportunities and events for members of our churches and for people considering full time ministry

  • SUPPLYING information and assistance related to issues within our church groupings

  • STARTING congregations in areas where gospel ministry is weak or non-existent

SGP isn’t here to do what only a local church can do. We’re a resourcing network. The SGP is seeking to resource and facilitate gospel partnership, so that we can better bring the gospel to Surrey and North East Hampshire. To find out more use our Contact page